These are some of the top questions we get asked on a daily basis so we figured we would put them here:

How big are the standard boards?


We have three standard sizes but can make any size to fit your space:


18x12 inches

30x20 inches 

40x28 inches


How much do they cost?


Our small boards (18x12) run around 100 dollars. Our medium boards (30x20) average 150.  

Our large boards (40x28) are 325. 


If you have a custom size you need keep in mind our minimum order is 175 but we can make any size you want!




How long does it take to get my Board?


We average 2 weeks from the day you make your payment to when the board is shipped.  


We can arrange for an expedited delivery but you must add 45.00 to the board to cover the cost

Do we do bulk orders/wholesale?

YES...if you are a shop or retailer of some sort we do package pricing on our boards.  Please email us your request.


Do you do collegiate logos?


We are now officially licensed through the NCAA.  So what team is it going to be?



Will the proof you send me look just like my board?


NO NO NO NO the proof is only to figure out the design and location of key items in your piece and not the look.  I reserve the right to use my artistic ability on your piece...after all that is what you are paying me to do! With the proof we figure out the location of items and the size of fonts and so forth.