The DESIGNER-Michael Garber

Michael Garber brings a colorful perspective and injects new life into the art world with his whimsical and myriad of vibrant works and his love for reclaiming items.  A self-taught artist, Garber finds inspiration in the dynamic energy of both the state of Alabama and his Mexican and Spanish roots, and creates pieces that are rich in depth and color.  The start of his artist career can be traced back to childhood but first started selling his works in 2012.   Since 2012 Michael has worked with clients like Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, Adam Wainwright (Pitcher for St. Louis Cardinals), he has been commissioned to do works for companies including BL Harbert International, ACIPCO, Gunner Kennels, Alabama Power, Moe's BBQ just to name a few. Michael not only paints on reclaimed wood...he's been known to paint on some very unusual items including things like car hoods, chairs, pianos, spittoons, sewing machines and even a deer head mount.  There is no project that he won't take on!