The story

We began our work in the summer of 2013 in our backyard.  The business quickly grew to require a full workshop which at the time was located inside a spare bedroom in my house.  We then moved into a space in Irondale, AL where we could create 30-50 pieces every week.  When my day job moved me to Auburn, AL we moved the shop to better serve our clients! We make anything from our very popular flags and custom art, to vendor/trade show displays, coasters, corn hole boards, pallet walls, merchandise carts, barn doors, point of sale booths, clothing racks, conference tables, farm tables, and if you can dream up something...there is a great chance we can create it.  We are not limited to wood..we can build with any materials including but not limited to reclaimed metals, woods, plastics, composites or any other material you may prefer or find.


Our biggest motivator for using reclaimed materials is the sustainability factor...and in our opinion well...they look much cooler.  With our growth to date we have been able to keep approximately 8500 cubic yards worth of "garbage" out of our local landfill and that amount continues to grow.  


We encourage anyone that wants to try recycling items into art but we also warn people to be cautious as there is inherent danger with acquiring and dismantling reclaimed materials.  Feel free to leave it up to the experts and purchase some of ours!